Monday, March 28, 2011

Nail Sparks Royal Blue Jelly

I picked this polish up the same time as the one in my last post. I actually grabbed about five or six of these ones, they're really nice! So far I've been impressed with all the Winmax polishes I've picked up and there's quite a few of them. They have a number of different lines including these Nail Sparks, the Pedicure line from my last post and A-Rainbow which is a line of gorgeous holos! What I love the most is that these are a 100Y shop brand, with exchange I pay about $1.25 for them. Score!

Anyways, Nail Sparks #81 is a gorgeous royal blue jelly with shimmer. It has some distinct purple shimmer in the bottle but on the nail it only shows as a silverish color.

So all my bottle pictures were coming out almost black due to a lack of sun. I haven't seen that fireball for about a week now unfortunately. This was the only one I snapped that showed really any color and it happened to be super close up :P

This is fairly color accurate. Just look at that jelly squishyness!

I had to include this picture, look at that incredible purple shimmer! It barely looks like the same polish :P

And of course a few more angles of this beauty.

Now, being a jelly this is a minimum three coater. I ended up with four coats on my ring and index finger of my left hand as I had to fix a couple dings and I found the purple shows more on those fingers. I wasn't expecting this to be a jelly when I bought it but I'm kind of glad it is and I hope the rest them are too :)

Thanks for looking!

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