Sunday, April 3, 2011

Deviously Frankened

Confession time, I'm a holo hoor. I'm obssessed with holos and I know I'm not alone! One of my biggest holo lemmings is China Glaze's DV8, I am in love with the gorgeous bright blue of it. So of course when I decide to try frankening for the first time what do I do? I try to recreate DV8!

In my opinion she ended up a little too green but she's still rather pretty I think!

All the pictures are clickable and you may have to do so to see the holo in this. It's not nearly as strong as DV8 but it's definitely there! I really enjoyed wearing this polish, partly because it's beautiful and partly because I'm pretty proud of it :)

I did however want to see it a little more blue so the next day I added a couple more drops of royal blue, I think it's almost perfect now. I still wish I could get the strong linear effect that the OMG's have but this will definitely keep me happy until I can get my paws on the original!

And of course, the cast!

I used the A-Rainbow silver/blue holo as the base (far right), China Glaze Shower Together gave it the majority of it's blue/teal look, followed by a touch of NYC Empire State Blue. To deepen the color I used a few drops of the Sweets royal blue on the far left, then to pull out more of the green/teal and amp up the holo I added a little bit of Nubar Reclaim.

I hope you enjoyed my first attempt at frankening, I plan to be doing more as soon as I get ballz! Apparently ball bearings and/or bb's are impossible to get on this island so I have to order them :(

Thanks for looking!

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