Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Buffy the Violet Slayer and Co.

Hello people! Once again it is obscenely late at night for me but I didn't want to keep putting this post off and forget about it. This will be a ridiculously picture heavy post but I swear it's worth it!! Wet n Wild's Buffy is a seriously amazing purple that leans very heavily blue. When you look at the bottle it's obviously purple but when I first applied it it looked like a mesmerizing, shiny, glowing royal blue under my living room lights. The majority of my pictures don't show how shiny this polish is so I am including some indoor shots that do.

One thing I will mention is the application was... messy. I think it's because of the "fast dry" formula but my bottle seemed to go on a little gloopy and was trying to dry as I applied, consequently I had to do a lot of cleanup. Next time I'll try thinning it a bit and see if that helps.

Anyways, on to the pics!

These next ones are indoors under artificial light but the color is more accurate.

(for some reason blogger flipped this one, silly blogger)

I decided to spruce it up the next day with some Hannah Pinktana. I find HP too sheer on its own but as a topper it adds some gorgeous holo glitter!

And THEEEEEN, I got the urge to add flakies. I have never put Hidden Treasure over purple and I'm not sure why but I have never loved HT more than I did with this. If it wasn't for the horrid tipwear I had after a few days I wouldn't have changed it and even at that I was tempted to just redo it!

(I love how you can see the glitter peeking through the flakies)

(please excuse the weird bit of glue goo on my middle finger, I don't know what it was from but I didn't notice it till after taking pics lol!)

This was truly one of my favorite combos and I'll definitely be adding Hidden Treasure to more purples! The only thing I think I should have done for a day was mattified it. Matte flakies are cool :P

I'm wondering now if there are other flaky combinations I should know about. Any reccommendations? I'd love to hear them!

Thanks for looking :)


  1. Ohh, I love it with Hidden Treasure!

  2. Thanks! I loved it too, it was one of my favorite combinations to date!