Saturday, April 23, 2011

Gray's Anatomy

Recently I picked up a few of the newer Wet n Wild Fast Dry polishes and Gray's Anatomy was one. As soon as I saw this in the store I was smitten, it's a super duochrome in the bottle, it looks amazing! I tried it out on a nail wheel and found it was fairly sheer and the duochrome wasn't as apparent so I decided to layer it over black and POW! she is in your face! Most times you will see the pinky purple color but tilt your nails even a little and the greenish silver pops out. I'm in love! 

This is apparently an almost dead on dupe for Lippmann's Wicked Game and similar to OPI's Not Like the Movies, though I don't own either of those to compare. If you're really curious you can google it, I know there's been many comparisons done :) Considering the price difference though, I'm happy with this one! 

Now the downside. While application wasn't a problem I did have some bubbling. Nothing that I think most people would see but I did. I'm not sure if I went too fast between coats or layered it on too thick, next time I wear it I'll have to experiment. However, considering that this polish is under $2 I am not going to complain! I wore this for 3 or 4 days before taking it off and I oohed and ahhed every time I looked at my nails, I'm sure my husband was worried for my sanity :P

Thanks for looking!

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