Saturday, April 30, 2011

Franken Time! Irish Gold

The other day I was pulling out my franken supplies and my husband came in and said "Are you making a zombie?" Um, yes hun, a zombie :P He then decided that I needed to make "a green that's a little darker than your shirt with gold flecks and those flaky things from that other polish." That other polish being Hidden Treasure. So I gathered some polishes and here's what I came up with, it actually turned out really nice! You will have to excuse the pics a bit, there hasn't been a lot of sun around here the last few days.

I made him name it too :P

I know this looks horribly bumpy or gritty but the polish really wasn't. I'm not sure why it looks like that *sigh*

I think this one would really benefit with some sun to show off the gold glitter and flakies better. I started with a base of a random bright green dollar store polish, I added a little bit of China Glaze Jolly Holly to darken it up and a tiny bit of Revlon Beach to yellow it out. I also added some China Glaze 5 Golden Rings for some gold shimmer/glitter and of course some Hidden Treasure for the flakies! The only sad part is the flakies end up showing mostly gold in this polish instead of the different color flashes.

I'm really happy with how this turned out, this color screams spring to me :) I hope you enjoyed checking it out!
Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Buffy the Violet Slayer and Co.

Hello people! Once again it is obscenely late at night for me but I didn't want to keep putting this post off and forget about it. This will be a ridiculously picture heavy post but I swear it's worth it!! Wet n Wild's Buffy is a seriously amazing purple that leans very heavily blue. When you look at the bottle it's obviously purple but when I first applied it it looked like a mesmerizing, shiny, glowing royal blue under my living room lights. The majority of my pictures don't show how shiny this polish is so I am including some indoor shots that do.

One thing I will mention is the application was... messy. I think it's because of the "fast dry" formula but my bottle seemed to go on a little gloopy and was trying to dry as I applied, consequently I had to do a lot of cleanup. Next time I'll try thinning it a bit and see if that helps.

Anyways, on to the pics!

These next ones are indoors under artificial light but the color is more accurate.

(for some reason blogger flipped this one, silly blogger)

I decided to spruce it up the next day with some Hannah Pinktana. I find HP too sheer on its own but as a topper it adds some gorgeous holo glitter!

And THEEEEEN, I got the urge to add flakies. I have never put Hidden Treasure over purple and I'm not sure why but I have never loved HT more than I did with this. If it wasn't for the horrid tipwear I had after a few days I wouldn't have changed it and even at that I was tempted to just redo it!

(I love how you can see the glitter peeking through the flakies)

(please excuse the weird bit of glue goo on my middle finger, I don't know what it was from but I didn't notice it till after taking pics lol!)

This was truly one of my favorite combos and I'll definitely be adding Hidden Treasure to more purples! The only thing I think I should have done for a day was mattified it. Matte flakies are cool :P

I'm wondering now if there are other flaky combinations I should know about. Any reccommendations? I'd love to hear them!

Thanks for looking :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Gray's Anatomy

Recently I picked up a few of the newer Wet n Wild Fast Dry polishes and Gray's Anatomy was one. As soon as I saw this in the store I was smitten, it's a super duochrome in the bottle, it looks amazing! I tried it out on a nail wheel and found it was fairly sheer and the duochrome wasn't as apparent so I decided to layer it over black and POW! she is in your face! Most times you will see the pinky purple color but tilt your nails even a little and the greenish silver pops out. I'm in love! 

This is apparently an almost dead on dupe for Lippmann's Wicked Game and similar to OPI's Not Like the Movies, though I don't own either of those to compare. If you're really curious you can google it, I know there's been many comparisons done :) Considering the price difference though, I'm happy with this one! 

Now the downside. While application wasn't a problem I did have some bubbling. Nothing that I think most people would see but I did. I'm not sure if I went too fast between coats or layered it on too thick, next time I wear it I'll have to experiment. However, considering that this polish is under $2 I am not going to complain! I wore this for 3 or 4 days before taking it off and I oohed and ahhed every time I looked at my nails, I'm sure my husband was worried for my sanity :P

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Giveaway Over At Polished Perfectionist

Right now The Polished Perfectionist is having a giveaway involving some great polishes that are not available in the US. I've only been following her blog for a few months but I highly recommend checking her out and following, she has beautiful photos and seriously gorgeous nails! Check her (and her giveaway) out here at The Polished Perfectionist.


Monday, April 18, 2011

A-Rainbow 9

First of all, forgive me if I don't make sense, it's really late here right now and I should be in bed but I wanted to get this up tonight. I try to post at least every 3-4 days and it's been almost a week I think. I'd like to post at least every 2-3 days but I guess I can be a little lazy about getting things up. I have two more sets of photos ready to go right now so I don't even know what the problem is. Oh well, this blog is still newish to me so I guess I'm still figuring out my habits.

Anyways, on to the polish. This was one of the 100 Yen store holos I found. It's actually what I used as the base for my franken too. Being as these holos (I think I have eight colors) are all fairly sheer I figured I'd layer it over Orly Snowcone which is a beautiful light blue. On its own #9 comes out a little silvery but over Snowcone it was very blue and very pretty.

It just occured to me now looking at this that this wasn't the bottle pic I meant to post *sigh*

Okay so, my good camera hates holo. When I took all these I was thinking "Wow, that's so pretty! It's so sparkly! Oooooh!" Then I uploaded them to my comp and went "What the...?" For some reason it seems to completely wash it out. So of course I had to grab my point and shoot to see if there was a difference and wow is there ever! I think the actual color is closer to the first set of pics, the paler blue, but the holo I saw on my nails was more like this second set. So of course I had to share :P

I liked this so much I actually went and bought a backup of it lol. The bottles are so damn tiny that I feel like I'll run out in about 3-4 manicures! Oh well, it's definitely worth it in my opinion :)

Thanks for looking!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Revlon Pretty In Papaya

Here is another of the Revlon scented polishes and a warning, this is pic heavy :P Pretty in Papaya is a fantastic summer color in my opinion, I can see me wearing this on my toes a lot this year. I want to call this a deep coral though I don't know that that would be correct, it's a reddish leaning orange.

I much preferred the smell of this one to the last one I tried, it seemed a lot less synthetic but then I like fruity smells. I found the scent didn't seem to linger as long either, I couldn't smell it on my nails the next day even if I put them right to my nose.

One complaint I do have about this one was the application, it sucked! I found it thick and goopy and it was drying almost as fast as I put it on which made it very hard to get it even. Thankfully I don't think it was really noticeable to anyone but me. 

A shade picture :)

After a couple days (and very little wear!) I decided to spruce it up with some Hidden Treasure. 

Honestly, I hated it :o I don't know why but I had to take it off after a couple hours because I so srongly disliked it. I actually think it's quite nice in pictures but I think I just wasn't feeling how gold/orange it went.

Thanks for taking a look!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wild At Heart

Ahh, now this is a purple! Purple is my favorite color for nails and this beauty here is one of the best I've found so far. I bought this despite being told "they only sell duds now". It was originally made as a holo although there's some debate as to how holo it really was. I would not classify this as a holo polish even though it does have some sparse scattered holographic glitter in it. The glitter just adds dimension to an incredibly rich color. Also, I know it's been said before but really, these pictures do not do this any justice! This is Color Club's Wild at Heart.

Enlarge this one, you can see the holo in it :)

I wouldn't call this color accurate but it shows the depth this polish has.

One thing I will say for sure, top coat is no friend to this polish. It darkens the color as well as completely dulling the holo glitter. I took this to show the difference, my right hand has a coat of Poshe, my left has no top coat. Such a huge difference!

Bonus pics! My husband and I went to the Katsuren Castle ruins on the weekend and it was absolutely gorgeous! The view is stunning so of course I had to take NOTD photos. Enjoy!

Thanks for looking!