Thursday, February 24, 2011

Galaxy Girl

I had meant to post these a couple days ago but I got busy/lazy so they're a little late. Oddly this is still on may nails right now but it's in rough shape so it's coming off today for sure. I only bought two colors from this collection, this one and Space Cadet, I didn't feel an overwhelming need for the others no matter how shiny :P

Do I need two bottle shots? No. But look how pretty it is! The first pic is probably more color accurate but I love how fiery it looks in the sun!

You can see a bit of the green on the nail here. I had completely the wrong lighting for it and it was super hard to capture. I actually think the duochrome is more apparent in unnatural lighting, I probably should have taken an indoor pic or two.

Super close up :o

 I love the glass-flecked look of this polish.

Such a pretty burgundy wine color :)

The first time I wore this I didn't like it at all, I think I was hoping for the duochrome to be more in-your-face than it is. Or maybe it just came out too dark on my nails. This timeI really liked it, I think my expectations were lower :P It is a really gorgeous color.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Ain't No Sunshine

As the title says... I was hoping for sun before I took these pics because this grey overcast weather we've had does not do this justice. This is butter London's Big Smoke topped with one coat of CoverGirl Boundless Color Sparkle Top Coat in Crystal Mist (that's a mouthful!). The glitter in Crystal Mist is green, gold and blue with a pink shift, however I don't think you really see any of the pink in these pictures.

Obligatory bottle picture. You can see how the center of the CG is pink though overall this is a lot more sparkly than this shows:

This shows the color of Big Smoke really well, though I think it comes off a bit darker on the nail, this top coat gives it a green tint. Also, if you know Butter London you know the cap for this bottle is missing. It's kind of funny, I was moving recently and I'd had 4 of my bL's (and a few others) in a bag with some polish remover. Well the remover leaked a bit which was no big deal for the most part but it melted the caps on the bL's, I think only one survived. It was really weird to see.

I wasn't going to post this picture but it gives you an idea of the sparkle in Crystal Mist:

I didn't notice until I was looking at these afterwards, there's a raindrop on my nail O.o

You still can't see any pink glitter but you can see blue green and gold. And more raindrops <.<

I'm honestly not a big fan of butter London, the handles are odd to hold, the brushes are way too small and the formula is hard for me to work with. If it's a unique color (like All Hail McQueen or Victoriana, both of which I love) I might get it but for the money it's not worth it to me for more common colors.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

So Scandalous!

Ok, I have no intention of making this blog all about other people's giveaways, that is not why I started it. When I do post giveaways I want it to be from blogs that I enjoy reading that I think others will as well, especially when it's an awesome polish blogger with an almost as awesome giveaway ^.~

Scandalous is a blogger I've been following for a long time now because a) her pics and reviews are awesome and b) she's hands down the franken master! Plus she's outspoken, a little brazen and hilarious too. I highly recommend every polish lover check out her site, she's in The Line Up off to the right there --> and of course she's having an awesome giveaway which you can check out here.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hidden Mint

I saw a similar combo somewhere recently and I loved it so I had to give it a go. The picture I saw was Hidden Treasure over a pastel blue, I didn't have a pale enough blue so I went with China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint instead.

I used 2 coats of each although if I had to do it again I'd only use one coat of Hidden Treasure, I think this went a little... pearlier... than I like. It's still quite a pretty combo though :)

In the shade:

Close up:

Re-Fresh Mint bottle shot:

Hidden Treasure bottle shot:

I think one day I'm going to put this over Orly Snowcone, it's not as pale of a pastel but it's a gorgeous blue and would probably look great like this.

Someone had to find out what the heck I was taking so many pictures of. I think she looks like she's ready to fight me for the polishes :P

 Is it obvious I like a lot of pictures? I never feel like you can get a good feeling for a color in one picture so I like to have multiple shots to look at. I'm sure there will be times I'll do "quickie" posts but I think more often than not I'll have picture heavy posts.


 This is a polish I bought from the 100 Yen shop behind my house. They have some cute colors and you really can't beat paying ~$1.00 for a polish. The bottles are 11ml which look tiny but are a fairly common polish size. It's a fairly sheer color unfortunately, this took 3 coats and if it was on my fingers I think there would have been too much VNL for my taste.

The color reminded me of China Glaze Tree Hugger so I had to compare.

I think in the bottle they look very similar, there's a small difference but not much. On the nail however is a different story. Tree Hugger is a much grassier green, the AC color is more lime and has more shimmer.

While I do like both colors I think I prefer Tree Hugger on me, I think AC-NED-08 makes me look a little sickly.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Icing Bedazzled

Bedazzled is blue and purple glitter in a clear base, in the bottle it leans more heavily to the blue side so I layered it over Grape Pop to pull the purple out. I'll have to try this one again over a vibrant blue and see what happens. This polish is so sparkly it was actually difficult to photograph, my camera just couldn`t handle it. I love this combo, after three days I still can`t stop looking at my nails!

This is two coats of Bedazzled over one coat of Grape Pop.