Friday, February 18, 2011

Ain't No Sunshine

As the title says... I was hoping for sun before I took these pics because this grey overcast weather we've had does not do this justice. This is butter London's Big Smoke topped with one coat of CoverGirl Boundless Color Sparkle Top Coat in Crystal Mist (that's a mouthful!). The glitter in Crystal Mist is green, gold and blue with a pink shift, however I don't think you really see any of the pink in these pictures.

Obligatory bottle picture. You can see how the center of the CG is pink though overall this is a lot more sparkly than this shows:

This shows the color of Big Smoke really well, though I think it comes off a bit darker on the nail, this top coat gives it a green tint. Also, if you know Butter London you know the cap for this bottle is missing. It's kind of funny, I was moving recently and I'd had 4 of my bL's (and a few others) in a bag with some polish remover. Well the remover leaked a bit which was no big deal for the most part but it melted the caps on the bL's, I think only one survived. It was really weird to see.

I wasn't going to post this picture but it gives you an idea of the sparkle in Crystal Mist:

I didn't notice until I was looking at these afterwards, there's a raindrop on my nail O.o

You still can't see any pink glitter but you can see blue green and gold. And more raindrops <.<

I'm honestly not a big fan of butter London, the handles are odd to hold, the brushes are way too small and the formula is hard for me to work with. If it's a unique color (like All Hail McQueen or Victoriana, both of which I love) I might get it but for the money it's not worth it to me for more common colors.

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