Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Recent Goodies

I've managed to collect a few new polishes recently which makes me very happy :) I was so excited to see what brands were available here in Japan when I moved but sadly I haven't been that impressed. Most of the brands I've seen come in extremely tiny bottles, like 3-5mls. Oddly enough the "cheap" ones I got from the 100 yen store are larger than the more expensive ones, coming in at about 11mls. The colors haven't been that exciting either, there's a huge range of very sedate beiges and pinks, a bunch of somewhat average looking glitters, and then a few bright colors mixed in. The upside to it is that the bottles are usually super cute so I'm sure I'll buy some from time to time just for that alone :P

I found a big display of Revlon's at the BX on base so I grabbed a few of the scented ones just for fun. I'm not sure how I feel about scented polishes but I guess I'll find out.

Left to Right: 315 Pretty in Papaya, 370 Not So Blueberry, 310 Beach, 320 Ocean Breeze
I picked out the first two, my husband picked the second two. I'm teaching him lol.

These ones were also from the BX and on sale, it's hard to pass up polishes that are $1 or less :)

Left to Right: WetnWild 230 Inferno, 218 Blackmail, NYC 140 Empire State Blue, WetnWild Wild Shine 466 Blue Moon
The orange is more of a burnt orange than this looks and Blackmail is black with what looks like orange and silver glitter. This pic does not do justice to the NYC either, it's got an awesome green duochrome which I hope shows on the nail and Blue Moon flashes between blue and purple, very pretty. 

These are my Japanese purchases so far, excluding the one lime green I already posted. The first three are from Jusco, which is kind of like a Japanese Wal Mart I guess, the last two are from the 100 yen store behind my house.

Left to Right: Sweets NL14, M BL555 and GR615, AC-NED-81, LP-NEC-32
I have no idea how many mls the first one is but the second two are 3mls and 4.5mls respectively, the tiny blue is actually a "jewel liner" so it has a very tiny brush, I'll be posting pics of the green in a bit :) The AC is a prime example of the style of glitters that are popular over here, it's a deep purple with small silver glitter and larger round holographic glitter. The beige glitter is actually rather sheer so I'll have to layer it.

Thanks for looking!

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  1. That Pretty in Papaya looks gorgeous! I'll have to look for that!