Wednesday, March 9, 2011

M GR615

I have really got to get more creative with my post names, especially when I'm posting from brands that use numbers for their names. Oh well. Unlike the name, this polish is far from boring. I love the deep green of this color, it makes me think of Illamasqa's Rampage or a lighter version of Nars Zulu, except what made me HAVE to have it is the shimmer! It's very subtle but absolutely beautiful!

Here's a bottle shot next to a China Glaze so you can see the size difference, I'm sad that it's so small, I may have to buy a backup lol.

This is outside in late afternoon sun. I highly recommend enlarging these pictures to see how gorgeous this color really is.

A close up to see the sparkle, there's blue and gold shimmer in here, not silver as this looks.

A bit of a different angle, late afternoon.

Indoors to highlight the shimmer, you can really see it in the bottle here.

The downside is that the wear is not so good, I was seeing chips after the first day. It also seems to scuff easily, even with top coat it was looking a bit dull after a day or so. I don't really care though, it's too pretty :)
Edit: The other downside to this is removal, it's like rubber and half my fingers were stained green. I was scrubbing with acetone just to try and clean it off. Not so fun :P

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