Saturday, March 5, 2011


 I had an idea for some fish nails after looking at one of my Konad plates. It didn't turn out quite as good as I'd hoped but I'm not really an expert at nail art so I guess it's not too bad. I had originally thought of using an aqua-ish color such as China Glaze Flying High but I grabbed this one instead. I also hadn't added the "bubbles" to the blue nails initially but it was too stark/bare so I felt like I had to put something on them.

Left hand. It's hard to see the thumb but I wasn't happy at all with how it turned out. I thought that stamp was going to be much larger than it was. I like the rest of the nails though :)

Right hand. I would have liked to use a different fish for the pinky but I love the one on my index. Of course being right handed the "bubbles" didn't come out so well on this hand.

Close up of my favorite left hand nails.

And my favorite right hand nails.

The polishes I used: Orly Snowcone and Sally Hansen White On

And the image plate: Konad m27

Also, please excuse the sorry state of my hands. They're dry right now to begin with and I'd just finished washing a few dishes which just made it look worse. Remind me not to do that again lol.

Thanks for looking!


  1. This is so cute! I love that blue! I've been looking for a similar shade for awhile now, so I'm glad you shared it!

  2. Thanks for the comment :) I absolutely love Snowcone, it was one of my favorites to come out last spring!