Sunday, March 13, 2011


"I'm burning, I'm burning, I'm burning for you." For the three days I had this polish on I could not stop singing that song. Even as I post this it's in my head, thankfully I like it lol. Oranges are not my typical color but I've been craving them lately, I snagged this one in particular because it was on sale for less than $1. I wish I had sun pics of this for you but sadly I haven't seen any in the last week or more.

This pic is with flash although it's pretty much what the color looks like in any light. Inferno is an apt name for this one.

This is late afternoon non-sun.

Again, this is with flash, again, this is pretty accurate.

Without flash.

This is such a rich, deep, burnt orange, very pretty.

My nails look like they're on fire in this picture!

I only have a couple of Wet n Wild polishes, I've been pleasantly surprised with them usually. This applied very easily and seemed to wear well. I did have a bit of tip wear by the time I took it off but nothing major. If you're looking for a nice in-your-face orange I'd definitely recommend this one!

Thanks for looking :)

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