Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Pedi For My Mani?

So today I have a layering combo for you using a polish I picked up recently. I saw this one in the store and thought it was a gorgeous pink scattered holo! When I swatched it I realized it was very sheer, even 3 coats wasn't coming close to opaque, so I knew I had to layer. I decided to layer it over China Glaze's Heli-Yum, which is an awesome raspberry shade from the Up & Away collection. It wasn't until seeing it next to Heli-Yum that I realized my "pink" holo was definitely more purple than pink. This was... ok? It looked nice enough but since I'm not a fan of pink I'm fussy about which ones I use. I like Heli-Yum very much because it borders on red and the purple from the Winmax dulled that too much for my taste.

At any rate, this is two coats of Winmax New York Pedicure #172 over one coat of Heli-Yum.

Seeing this picture I'm not even sure why I decided this was the right combo.

I swear this polish doesn't look nearly as purple in real life except next to this pink.

This is much better to me, I guess I don't think this is bad it just didn't feel right on me.

In pictures it actually looks pretty nice.

Definitely very holo.

Funny enough, this was with no real sun, it still glittered like crazy.

This is indoor lighting. Just because I like all that blurry glittery goodness :P

The one part about the Winmax polish that I didn't like was dry time. Even with Nubar Diamont on top and 1-1.5 hours before bed I still woke up with some sheet marks. Nothing too noticeable but it still bothered me.
Now I want to try this over a purple and I'm trying to decide which shade to put it on. I'm thinking of using SOPI Just a Little Dangerous or possibly China Glaze Grape Pop.

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