Saturday, March 19, 2011

Smell of the Ocean Breeze

I picked up a few of the Revlon scented polishes recently. I have mixed feelings on these, I dislike gimmicks and some scents have the tendancy to give me major headaches but on the other hand there's some cute colors. My husband picked Ocean Breeze out at the store and from my untrieds pile when I needed a mani change. Since it is a little sheer I layered two coats over WnW black creme.

The color is what I would describe as a bright metallic teal with a blue duochrome. It's not a super flashy duochrome but it's definitely there in certain lights. As for the smell, when I was younger I had a perfume from the Body Shop that had a similar name (and bottle color if I recall correctly) and this smelled almost exactly like I remember that smelling. It was quite strong the first night but had faded to tolerable levels the next morning and now three days later I can only smell it faintly if I sniff my nails.

You can see a hint of the blue duochrome around the edges of the bottle.

Sunny and teal.

This polish definitely seems to photograph more blue than it is, in real life it's much greener.

Trying to show the duochrome, I don't think it's working.

This is closer to color accurate and shows a hint of duochrome.

This polish is ridiculously shiny in the sun.

Overall, I really love this color, it's very bright and perfect for summer. I'm glad the smell isn't so overwhelming, I'd hate for this to be unusable due to that.

Thanks for looking!

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