Tuesday, June 28, 2011

PU 100

Hello! I've got another Japanese polish today, I bought this specifically for the bottle lol. I love the little heart shape :) Sadly they didn't have any colors that really stood out so I picked this one because it's purple lol. I hate that all these brands only use numbers instead of names. Sadly this one doesn't even have any type of brand name on the bottle and I can't remember what the display said as I bought it a couple months back. So it's PU 100 and that's all :P

This is a nice red leaning grape (or maybe plum?) purple with a subtle shimmer in it. I wasn't really planning to wear this one to be honest but I needed a base for another polish and this one matched well so I went with it. I'll be showing you the layered polish in the next day or two I think :) For this purple I used two coats and as you'll see it's kind of patchy. It really needs a third coat which I would have done if I was planning to wear it as a full mani.

Isn't this such a cute bottle?

 Sadly it's a really small bottle as you can see by the fact that my hand barely fit on it lol. I'm not sure but I'd guess it's about 5-7mls.

As I said I'll have my layered pics in the next couple days, it's a really pretty combo I think :)

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