Saturday, June 4, 2011

Majolica Majorca BL501

Good afternoon ladies! (afternoon for me anyways, good night or good morning to you!) I've actually got two posts today and I've decided to start with this one :)

Majolica Majorco is a Japanese makeup brand by Shiseido. I swear everything over here is by Shiseido lol. Not that I mind, I've found some awesome stuff from them :) The MM polishes come in super teeny bottles which makes them fairly expensive per ml. The bottles are ridiculously cute however, and some of the polishes are very interesting and worthwhile.

I picked up BL501 as it really stood out, it glowed under the flourescent lights of the store! It's a royal jelly blue with green shimmer and really quite pretty. The majority of the asian nail polish brands I've tried, whether expensive or not, have all had excellent application. Besides the tiny bottle and tiny brush this was no different, super easy to work with. I used 3 coats to reach opacity, I think you can see some vnl in these shots but I assure you it's not noticable to the naked eye.

Of course I'm sure you're wondering if it's a dupe to Orly's Royal Navy and since I do own that I figured I'd do a comparison for you. I think for most people these would be considered dupes, however for polish lovers there is a definite difference. Royal Navy has a slightly lighter blue base and slightly finer green shimmer. I think it's actually difficult to tell in my pictures so you can take my word for it :P

In these pictures I've got BL501 on index and ring, Royal Navy on middle and pinky. Also an appearance from my right hand. Btw, holding the camera steady while trying to take pics with my left hand is hard! Haha :P

Please excuse the big ding in my middle finger, we had an accident...

Funny enough I wasn't much of a fan of Royal Navy when I bought it, I love it in the bottle but the shimmer never showed up on my nails and for some reason I'm not sure about that shade of blue on me. I've been storing it upside down as someone had recommended and I can definitely say that makes a difference in the amount of shimmer that shows on the nails. If I had to pick between the two here I think I lean towards RN, if only for the finer shimmer.

Thanks for looking!

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