Monday, May 30, 2011


Hello! I feel like I talk about the weather a lot here but it does seem to affect my pictures so I will use that as an excuse :P We had some very interesting weather over the weekend, the island was hit by Typhoon Songda on saturday night. We ended up with a roughly 18 hour power outage at our house but thankfully no major damage. A lot of trees and debris all over the place though. The winds here hit probably over 100mph for a few hours, it was howling pretty good, the house was shaking, windows and doors rattling. Honestly, back home we would get storms that were very similar, we just didn't call them typhoons lol.

Anyways, I've been wearing Zoya's Harley for the last few days, a gorgeous light dove grey. It's a bit of a palette cleanser for me, I don't often wear neutrals though I do like them. I decided I had to have this one when I saw pictures of it specifically because of the hidden shimmer. It looks an awful lot like a creme unless you look close but the shimmer adds dimension to the polish and I like it a lot.

Now, in a weird twist of irony, I took pictures of this yesterday but when I put them on my comp I realized that it was too sunny and the color had been washed out. Yes, you heard me... it was too sunny. *sigh* There is something seriously wrong with that. At any rate, it resulted in me redoing my pictures today.

I had to throw this last picture in for a reason, I recommend you enlarge it. I realized today that apparently there is brown shimmer in this polish. I had thought it was a grey polish with silver shimmer when I saw pictures and that's why I ordered it. I had to redo my nails to swatch it for pictures (there were some nail mishaps previously) and what I thought was patchiness at two coats turned out to be... bits. It's not really shimmery because that implies shine or sparkle, but it's interesting. I think I like it :)

Thanks for looking!

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