Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sweets NL39

First off, a warning, this will be picture heavy :)

Sweets is a Japanese brand that I usually see at drugstores (or at least the Japanese equivalent of). I think the bottles are adorable but I haven't seen too many colors that have called out to me. However, when I was out the other day I saw three new colors that definitely caught my eye!

Of course, as none of the brands over here seem to have names this one is called NL39. It's a rosy peach base (peachy rose? pinkish peachy coral?) packed with gold flakes. Personally I'd call it a foil although it is more commonly called glass-flecked I think. This is actually an exact dupe for Zoya Rica when I compare it to the color plate I received in the Earth Day Exchange. (Side note, I see some Zoyas in our future :P) The other two in the Sweets display were look alikes for Apple (which I bought) and Tanzy (which I have to go back for).

These first pics are all outdoor natural lighting, due to the complete lack of sun in three weeks they aren't showing the insane sparkle/shine of this polish *sigh*

I decided to experiment with some indoor photos, for some reason I very much dislike a white background for my photos. I like it well enough on other blogs but it makes my hands look... dirty o.o Probably has to do with lighting and camera settings that I just don't get lol.

I keep saying there's been no sun and I figured I'd show you what I mean. This has literally been what the sky has looked like for about three weeks. Interesting fact, my husbands little Kodak EasyShare M381 takes THE BEST sky photos. His Canon DSLR (which I use for my nail photos) can't even compare, so weird lol. This is the view from my balcony.

Literally the closest thing I've seen to sun in weeks.

And a bonus pic of my hubby's cat Demanti, she has to come hang out every time I'm on the blacony. She's camera shy though, she turns away every time I try to snap a pic :P My baby girl is never as interested in what the heck I'm doing out there, and unlike Demanti she's too old/scared/lazy to jump up on the ledge lol!

So, if you've managed to make it this far, thanks for looking! Hope you all are having a great week :)

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