Sunday, June 19, 2011

Reclaim aka The Most Beautiful Polish In The World

Since I started this blog I've been working through my untrieds. I have so many that I feel like I need to lol. All the sun we've had lately though (Yay!) has made me crave a holo, and I felt like this beauty needed a little attention.

*sigh* This polish makes me happy. So so very happy. I can't say too much other than if you don't own this slice of polish heaven... what's wrong with you?? Go buy it now, I'll wait :P This is, without doubt, my favorite polish in my collection.

I only own two Nubar polishes though I'd like many many more, this formula is perfection. This is two buttery smooth coats with a coat of Orly Bonder in between, no topcoat. This is the most perfect grass green holo. I'm not sure if I've ever seen a green holo even begin to compare to this.

As usual with holos I've got pictures from both my cameras. However, the force is strong with this one... er holo I mean haha, so it shows up well even on my good camera. Still nowhere near as much as it shows in real life but at least you get a good idea. If my battery hadn't died I'd have tried for some indoor pictures too, I might still do that later.

One thing to note, the bad pictures are more color accurate, the better quality photos have washed it out a touch. Anyways, enough blabbing, on with the pictures :)

 This is almost perfectly color accurate, except picture it maybe a tiny bit brighter.

Feel free to enlarge these photos and stare at the gorgeousness. I know that's what I'm going to be doing for the next few days lol. I think I've already driven my husband nuts stuffing it in his face saying "Look honey, it's so pretty!" and I only put it on last night :P

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. That looks awesome!! I wonder if it's available near me? *heads to google*

  2. Claire, I had to order mine from ebay but it's oh so worth it!! I think it was still under $10 with shipping.
    Thanks Kelly!

  3. I love this holo, it's such a great green :) And LOL at your husband, I feel bad for my boyfriend too, I always do that if I love the colour I'm wearing ;)

  4. @Jette Definitely! My husband does humor me at least and oohs and ahhs appropriately usually lol.
    @Elize It is yummy :)