Saturday, June 4, 2011

Franken Time! Cherry Pie and Vote For Me!!

For my second post of the day I wanted to plug myself as well as share what I think is an awesome franken! I entered a frankening contest over at More Nail Polish and voting is now open. I really enjoy frankening and I like the idea of having to be a bit creative to win a contest instead of just entering a giveaway, so this was super fun. There's some really amazing frankens so I highly recommend you check it out :)

I do have a franken I have yet to post but I wanted to make something new for this contest. (I actually made two polishes and I'll show you the other one sometime but this is the one I decided to enter) I am not a big red wearer, I always like it on other people but it's another one of those colors I'm not so fond of on myself. When I was thinking of ideas for this contest I got it in my head that I wanted a red jelly, but of course a plain red jelly would be too boring so I had to spice it up with some glitter. I am absolutely in love with how this turned out. I just reswatched it to get some sun pics intending to take it off and put on Zoya Edyta but honestly, I think I'll finish the manicure, it's awesome!

The jelly squishiness of this is amazing, it looks so juicy!

This is the picture I submitted for the contest, no sun and yes my nails were longer, but you can see the jelly and the glitter nicely :)

The ingredients for this are approximately 1/4 clear, 1/4 AC-NED-78 (a sheer peachy orange chunky prismatic glitter), 1/4 China Glaze Ravishing Dahling (vampy red), 1/8 AC-NED-09 (yellow jelly creme), 1/8 Cover Girl Boundless Color Crystal Mist (duo/multichrome glitter top coat) and 1/3 tsp fine blue glitter.

Let me know what you think and if you like it please head over to More Nail Polish and vote for me!
Thanks for stopping by!
Meeka :)


  1. What a pretty polish - very unique & I love the name! Following. :)

  2. I'm #7 in the contest, Frankenberry, but I'm voting for yours! New follower =]

  3. Thanks so much ladies! Glad to have you following :D I'm completely in love with this polish myself but there's some really awesome frankens in the running!

  4. i voted for you because of all the colors yours is the one i would most want if i could have it. Then i saw posts from the other contestants in my GFC reading list asking for voters for their entry. The i went back to the contest post and followed link to your blog and became a new GFC follower. You are now at 19 followers. Ooooh I just checked out your greens label and rainforest mist holo rocks.

  5. Thanks so much Peri! I'm really glad you liked my frankens and am happy to have you as a new follower :)

  6. I love the shade of red :) I'd buy it in the shops if it was available!