Friday, July 1, 2011


Hello again! I hope everyone is doing well :) I'm feeling a little lonely as my husband is away for a little over a week. I actually like my alone time very much but I miss him too. I think partly I'm also feeling sorry for myself as he's not back till end of next week. That means that not only am I missing out on Canada Day celebrations (since no one else here cares about that lol) but I'm going to be alone for July 4th which all the Americans here will celebrate. Oh, and he's going to be in Las Vegas celebrating with his brother, yeesh lol. Oh well, I will survive :) I'll have to go explore and find some way to entertain myself :P

Anyways, enough complaining! This is the layered polish I promised you the other day. This is LA Girl Essentials in Enchanting. I think this is a very comparable color to Orly Fantasea though I don't have that so I can't say for sure. This is one extremely sheer polish however. I'd originally tried this on its own but after 4 coats and a still very apparent visible nail line I gave up and decided to layer. I initially tried it over black but rejected that idea as the polish completely changed to bronze. Even after trying it over a few other colors I found the same thing, it lost all the purple and just showed bronze. I tried it over a few purples (I really liked it over Buffy the Violet Slayer though that wasn't at all true to this polish color, I'll do that another time) and finally settled on the one I showed you in my last post.

  In the bottle you see the purple and a very strong bronzey-gold flash, which I'm not sure my bottle shot really captured sadly. I had thought this may be a duochrome when I bought it but on the nail this is not duochromey at all. Ironically, in my photos the purple is the stronger color whereas in real life it looks much more bronze. I don't know if I love this polish or not but it is very interesting.

When I look at this polish, especially in the sun, it makes me think of this:

Photo borrowed from here. If it is yours and I should take it down, just let me know.

And I think I like it for that :P

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Meeka :)

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