Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Parijenne 467

Hello! Today I have for you a french polish I picked up in a 100Y store here. It's the only polish I've ever seen from this brand and in fact was the only bottle in the store where I found it. It seemed really strange to be the only bottle there but it was such an interesting color I couldn't pass it up :)

Parijenne 467 is a medium-dark blue toned grey packed with teal shimmer. The shimmer in this polish absolutely glows and there is a ton of it in there! What I'm showing you here is three coats plus top coat. It is thin but easy to apply and I could have gotten away with two coats easily, but as I said before I'm a habitual three coater lol. I think you may have to enlarge these to really see the shimmer, I assure you it's worth it, this is a gorgeous polish!

The downside to this one is that it's obviously not B3F, this is one smeeeeeeeelly polish lol. Otherwise, I'm in love, this is now one of my favorite greys!

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Meeka :)

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