Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Happy 4th of July everyone :) I'm not yet an American although my husband is so I should be celebrating it but as I mentioned he is not here this week so I am not lol. It's actually been a nice relaxing day, it's so incredibly gorgeous outside, I took my book out on the deck and read for a while this afternoon. I definitely need to hit up a beach this week!

On my nails right now is Wet n Wild's FuchsiaRama (I always want to spell it fuschia, I'm pretty good with spelling and I actually had to look it up to convince myself that I was wrong and not them lol). I saw this at the BX the other day and it just called to me. I have never been much of one for pinks but something about how insanely bright and obnoxious this is made me buy it. I think because I like unusual colors the only type of pink I really like has to be unusual, or at least not the nice normal sedate girly pink. I had to try to explain to a guy that I didn't want to buy something in pink because I don't like pink while I was wearing this, I'm not sure he believed me haha!

FuchsiaRama is a very loud pink neon jelly that dries to a matte satin finish. It reminds me of a cross between the OPI Texas sorbets and the Orly Plastix collection, like if Too Hot Pink To Hold 'Em and Retro Red got together :P. I used 3 easy to apply coats although it still seems slightly patchy when you look close. Maybe patchy isn't the right word, it's darker in some spots than others. I still love it. I also chopped my nails down to nubbins just for this polish lol. For some reason I feel like something this bright goes better with short nails on me.

My right hand making an appearance, I like this butterfly better. I did the left hand first and the blue butterfly went on too far off to the side but it stuck on there good so I couldn't take it off, hence the little yellow one in the bottom corner. Ironically I managed to get the one on my right hand centered better. I picked these decals up, along with a couple others, at the 100 yen store behind my house a few weeks back and decided a pink like this deserved some girly butterflies lol.

Thanks for taking a look!!
Meeka :)


  1. I love the color, and the butterflies are so cute! :)

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  3. the pink color is almost red, so cute! by the way im your new follower and i enjoy reading your blog! you can visit my blog too :) http://neelai14.blogspot.com/


  4. Thank you Neelai! I'm glad you enjoy my blog :) You do some great nail art by the way!