Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Private Jet

So, I told you guys that I had a good one for my 51st post and now I get to show you :) I'm sure everyone knows all about OPI and My Private Jet, I own two versions of it myself. Happily, I love both my versions even though my slightly scattered holo brown one usually gets looked down on online.

The one I have to show you today is the real deal holo version. I had actually bought my other one first at a Chatters salon in my old hometown, wore it and loved it. Maybe one to two weeks later I stopped in that same Chatters on my way home from work and was browsing. I think I had just read all about the different versions of MPJ and so took another look at what they had. Sitting right in the front of the row was one lonely rainbow bottle, so of course I snapped it up. I sifted through the rest of their bottles but all of them were the same as the first one I had bought. I have no idea how this one ended up in there but I'm quite happy for it!

Anyways, this version of MPJ is a brown based charcoal color with strong linear holo. I used two coats when I wore it as I like it brown moreso than black. I didn't use any base either for the same reason. It actually covered very well in two coats and wore like iron. I love when a beautiful polish does that :) I did put a third coat on after a few days as a touchup to take some pictures. Most of what I'm posting is only two coats but I do have a couple pictures of it at three for comparison.

Enough talking, on with the polish, right? :P

I don't know if that's the bottle or my camera fogging up but this is the only picture I managed to get where the rainbow showed up.

Two coats, this is the brown base I'm talking about. I'm sure many people won't like it but I love it!

Still two coats, still brown :)

Three coats here. Now it looks black. And it's still gorgeous.

Two again.

And three again. It's almost hard to tell the difference between these last two pictures.

So tell me, do any of you have MPJ? If so which version do you have and do you like it? I think they're all quite interesting and beautiful in their own ways. If OPI hadn't messed up and named them all the same thing I think they'd all have their own followings. But of course now it seems most people covet the holo because it's very hard to find. I got quite lucky with mine. If I had to pick a favorite between the two though... I don't think I could :P

Thanks for stopping by!
Meeka :)