Monday, August 22, 2011

Dark & Stormy

Hello! This is my 50th post and I feel a bit like I should have worn something a bit more special for it but I didn't actually realize it until just now lol. That's ok, I have a really good one for my next post :) I also feel like I should have done this one a couple weeks ago when the typhoon hit, the name would have been really apt for that haha!

Dark & Stormy is an Icing polish I picked up sometime last year, this is my first time wearing it though. I do love blue polishes but for some reason I don't think they look right on me. They give me corpse hands so I rarely wear them. This is a gorgeous deep blue/green (green/blue?) that makes me think of the ocean. It almost has duochrome tendencies though I wouldn't actually call it one. Application was great, I used three coats as is usual for me.

I think part of the reason I hadn't worn this till now was because I found China Glaze Rodeo Fanatic shortly after I bought this and they are quite similar. They aren't dead on dupes though, at least in the bottle (I haven't done a comparison swatch). Dark & Stormy has a much heavier green flash than Rodeo Fanatic though I think it would be a decent substitute if you can't find the China Glaze.

I may actually come back to this and post a comparison of Dark & Stormy vs Rodeo Fanatic, partially to satisfy my own curiousity. If I do I'll probably do a new post and put a link in here.

Also, I've actually compressed my photos this time which I don't normally do, though I have posted them large. My blog loads quite slowly and while I'm mostly clueless on things like this I assume it's due to picture size. I'm undecided if I should go back through previous posts and compress them or not. I'll have to think about it.

Thanks for stopping by!
Meeka :)

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